Positively Cleaner

Making an impression, not an impact

Our fashion choices come with a carbon cost – and we’re more aware of our impact on the environment every day. At Farfetch, we’re determined to act positively and be part of the solution.

We’re helping people make sustainable choices and develop ideas that help us all create less waste and reduce our carbon footprints. From using lower impact, FSC certified packaging to supporting partners who are innovating to drive transport efficiency – we’re making the fashion we love positively cleaner at every step.

100% Boxed Fresh

Our packaging and inserts are 100% fully recyclable and 100% Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified too – using paper and card from recycled sources and sustainably managed forests.

Climate Conscious Delivery

As a platform, our largest impact lies within our logistics network. Offsetting is the most economically efficient way for us to reduce our environmental impact immediately and that’s why, from 1 April 2020, we’re investing in independently certified and verified environmental projects to balance out the carbon impact of every single delivery and return. The projects are verified to Gold Standard, American Carbon Registry or the Verified Carbon Standard. Offsetting won’t fix climate change, but it will help. Head to our Climate Conscious Delivery page for more info.

Positive Carbon Incentives

Our algorithms help prioritise the pieces that come from the store closest to the consumer – it improves the customer experience, and reduces costs and carbon. We also have rewards in place for our boutique partners to incentivise them to use the best possible sized packaging for the product in question – helping to reduce the amount of air that’s shipped.

Free Returns

Increasing returns are a growing issue in e-commerce – impacting on costs as well as carbon footprint. We are implementing and exploring new sizing tools and technologies that could help with that. Ftsy – an app that helps you find the right shoe fit when shopping online – is one of the innovators in the space, and we’re proud to have had them participate in our 2018 Dream Assembly cohort.

Joining Forces

We recognise the importance of working with the wider fashion industry to help solve the most pressing issue of our time, climate change. That's why we joined the G7 Fashion Pact and The United Nations Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action. These collaborations focus on accelerating bold targets across 3 key areas, climate change, biodiversity and ocean health.