Positively Circular

Positively Circular

Acting more positively with unwanted, unloved or worn out clothes is critical to the future of fashion. It’s time to rethink our approach to the clothes we wear and what happens to them after we’re finished.

From offering pre-order and made-to-order, to bringing rental, re-sale and repair services into the mainstream – we’re inspiring people to think positively about the value of old clothes. It’s about extending their life cycle and ensuring that things that can be reused don’t end up in landfill. That’s what we mean by making fashion ‘circular’.

Get back when you give back with Thrift+

We have partnered with Thrift+ to offer an innovative on-demand donation service that is both positive and rewarding - it supports the charity of your choice; it gives good quality clothes another useful life; and you get Farfetch credits in return. Order your Thrift+ x Farfetch bag today (currently only available in the UK).

Farfetch Second Life

Sell your designer bags, get some credit, and help give your pre-loved pieces a second lease of life, with Farfetch Second Life, the handbag re-sale service we’re piloting.

Borrowed Luxury

In June 2018, Browns announced an ongoing partnership with US-based rental and styling platform Armarium challenging the concept of traditional retail and extending the life cycle of garments. A year on, Browns continues to celebrate the approach and partnership and is committed to growing the number of Browns products available to rent.

It's in our DNA

Farfetch was built on the premise of selling existing stock in small boutiques around the world – to better match supply and demand and reduce waste. This continues to be our model. We’re also the only online, multibrand marketplace that already has a vintage ‘pre-owned’ selection.